At TechKnowLeap, we strive to help organisations do more with their IT infrastructure. By weaving innovative technologies and our expert-level knowledge seamlessly together, we aim to translate our solutions into value that drives your business further.

Our cutting edge technologies simplify IT processes and complexities, enabling your business to become more streamlined and agile.

Our abilities span the entire network and system deployment lifecycle, including supplying of equipment. We can help you with everything from network design and installation to configuration securing the system and network to post-implementation support of your company’s network and system. Our team provides communications bandwidth and create wide-area network (WAN) capabilities if your business has multiple international offices.
We also carry high-end hardware, which includes servers, storage systems and network equipment that we sell independently to customers in more than 90 countries.


We insist on constantly developing our Knowledge in all things IT to ensure we bring our clients the cutting edge technology in data security and IT Security.
Our Network and System Designing Team listen to customers’ needs and requirements. We will then analyse brainstorm, design and propose a balanced and practical solution to them.

Our Network and System Security team guides companies of all sizes in the best ways to protect their servers and their data by strategizing to meet compliance goals and helping to develop “Plan Bs” for security emergencies. They also continually detect possible gaps and areas of risk for you so that you won’t have to turn to Plan B.

Our specialised IT Server, Desktop and Helpdesk Team makes sure you don’t have to worry about anything IT-related, too — be it installation, repairs, diagnostics or network downtime. Hit us with your difficulties and we’ll be happy to solve them, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you’re keen to take your IT-Security expertise in-house, we’re the folks to help you with that too. Send your staff to our hands-on IT Security Training and Development programmes, which offer certification from rigorous lab-based, practical examinations that you can trust, especially since our business is founded by IT security practitioners too.


We make it our priority to help you make the Leap in your business. Empowered by our services and expertise, we want to ensure your IT will always work for you, never the other way round. We serve MNCs, SMEs as well as non-profits, and leave no one out — if you need our help, we’re there.

In fact, we seek to solve the challenges most other IT firms wouldn’t go near with the metaphorical five-foot pole — most of our clients have come to us with problems that far larger companies either could not solve or decided were not worth the money and time invested.